Painting Number 29/54

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The 54 paintings were created by artist Nicola Atkinson during lockdown March - July 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Beautiful Materials Gallery, an intimate new gallery experience where the audience is the family and friends of the exhibitor that exists in 54 homes all over the world. Due to the pandemic, we are using our homes in diverse ways; from office to art studio to schoolroom. Now it is a place for the display and sale of works of art. Where the domestic, dealer, client and audience co-exist and the pleasure of living everyday with an artwork is realised.

Paintings are showing places such as Paris, Sweden, Colombia, California, New Jersey, Bristol, Sheffield, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Paisley and Glasgow.

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm

Materials: Acrylic on Box Canvas

Made in Glasgow

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