beautiful materials

WAIT ( for the news) 1 - SCARF



Waiting for the news or just waiting. This series of paintings ( 600mm x 600mm canvas acrylic paint) were created during challenging times. I hope that people will feel a sense of release and understanding. No words any more but the work.

Holding onto the intangible which one feels is almost out of control. These shimmering artworks are daringly intimate; tactile yet bold. They challenge viewers to slowly look, touching carefully, while observing the materials and the movement of life itself.

The combined materials set the perfect stage for the rich, bold colours which are created with expressive personal energy. It is important to bring colour and expression to everyday life. Taking the art out of the control of the planned set space.

Nicola has turned her attention to this new way of working, zero waste approach to pattern cutting. Building up an impressive body of work using sumptuous and colourful painting materials, opulent Velvet & translucent Georgette fabrics, creating living artworks on wearable pieces.

Artist & Designer: Nicola Atkinson IG @beautiful.material

Material: Georgette
Size: 660 x 2000mm
Care instructions: Hand wash only at 30 °C / 85F. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Line dry.

Made to order and posted from Glasgow.

NOTE : Also featured is the velvet wall hanging - 1000 x 1000mm, Price £1,200.00. Please contact me to order. Size of the hem is 100mm top and bottom. The hem is designed so you can insert the two 1200mm x 18mm oak dowels to hang the artwork. (The oak dowels and two nails is not included can be purchase at B&Q or any local wood supplier)