the pleasures of objects that last a lifetime

beautiful materials design studio comes from a place that reflects the personal experiences and unique history of objects used in daily life.

beautiful materials is a Glasgow-based design studio established by Nicola Atkinson, artist and entrepreneur. The design studio is enthusiastically committed to the delivery of well-conceived and sustainable objects for a lifetime of use. BM is where production, design and entrepreneurship meet. Its philosophy is to consider that customers are participants and not just consumers, which enables the stunning designs to be created. With this in mind, the studio never has to compromise its vision or values. Each object created is rooted in a personal history that enables it to be beautiful, sustainable and long- lasting.

Nicola Atkinson is an acclaimed interdisciplinary artist who has led the development of environmental and participatory public art both in Scotland and internationally. Making large-scale work to influence and empower a public audience. The interventions influence behaviour change, reestablish community identities and form active relationships with the built environment.